Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How Can We Stop Smoking ?

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Are you a smoker? Do you smoke five, ten or even 50 a day? It really doesn’t matter how many you puff your way through, I will bet a King’s ransom that there really isn’t a day goes by that you wish you didn’t smoke.

So what is it about smoking that keeps us hanging in there? I will tell you here and now the absolute fact of the matter remains that SMOKING IS NOT ADDICTIVE!

‘NOT ADDICTIVE!” I can almost hear howls of disbelief as I write!

I will say it again, ‘It’s not addictive!’

Here are some facts:

Smoking is not addictive in the way that crack cocaine is or methyl amphetamines are…Think about it hard, really hard yes I know….

I’d say with some certainty that 99% smokers out of a hundred can go to bed and sleep cheerfully right through the night. If you were a crack addict, let me tell you that sleep just doesn’t come in to the picture when you need a hit.

Yes, I will admit Nicotine is a very fast acting drug that gives you a minor hit and satisfies the central pleasure seeking part of the brain but this hit only lasts an few minutes and soon wears off but does NOT give you the mind paralysing smash that that crack or heroin does that leaves you blank for days on end and wrecks you life totally.

Crack and heroin addicts will prowl through the night, in every kind of filthy weather looking for a way, any way, possible to get their next fix. Some of them will support a crack or cocaine habit that requires two to three thousand dollars a week to feed…Now, that’s what you call addiction!!

The reason I wrote this article is simple. I too smoked fairly heavily for many years and know extremely well the feeling of utter misery and depression when after some years I attempted to stop, time after time. I even tried acupuncture and even stopped going out and socialising because I couldn’t have a drink or a meal without the pressing, insistent pain of wanting a smoke afterwards.

I did manage to stop for about a year at one stage and then when I though I had it whipped, I had a cigarette and I was back into it again, with a vengeance…but ,I didn’t really know the trick and my demise was inevitable…sounds familiar?

However, something happened to me that I am eternally grateful for. I discovered a method, quite by accident, that enabled me to stop smoking, totally, forever, without any agonies of withdrawal, no drugs, no hypnosis no chemicals and without any counselling at all.

The way I stopped smoking was a minor miracle for me because I happened, by chance, one night to meet a man who worked as a research chemist in a large Laboratory for a chain of Tobacco companies. What he told me was all the really easy way around the tricks of the Tobacco Companies and how, once you know your enemy, how really easy it is to stop smoking, without drugs, patches, hypnotism or any other aids.

The facts I am about to tell are absolutely true. I am not going to try to try to scare you with all the morbid facts about the chemicals and the effects of passive smoking, the horrendous cost and the dreadful slow suicide smokers embark on and so on, but I can say that I am so convinced that this method is the simplest of all and I have to say that every one I have ever shown this method to has shrugged off cigarette smoking and never gone back to it.

I wont make you any promises that you will stop smoking if you try this method because there are many people that smoke that will constantly complain and whine they want to but really don’t have any serious intentions to at all.

However, I will say if you are serious about stopping and truly want to, you now have all the help and information in the fight to stop smoking that you will ever need right now.

If you are interested in learning more about the simplest way ever to knock over your smoking habit and put an end to the confining, miserable life of the smoker and his evil companion, the Nicotine Monster, why not visit this site and find out for yourself without giving yourself any more pain and misery! You will be in for a big surprise!!
And do it to your self and never give up like a chinese language cia yo!!!!