Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Easy Way to Drop 5 Pounds in One Week!

Do you have a big event coming up? Maybe you're a bride to be, or perhaps you're heading off to a vacation at the beach. You want your body to look it's very best, but you're carrying around a few extra pounds. Don't despair -- there are ways to shed that unwanted weight quickly, easily and safely!

Leek Soup Technique

One technique that's often used by French women is leek soup. Simply simmer a large pot of leeks in water until they're soft. Eat this for three days. You can also have vegetables, fruits, and water or herbal tea. After three days of eating primarily leek soup, then you can start adding healthy, low calorie fare to your meals like lean protein such as fish or skinless chicken. You'll find that after a week of eating like this, you're at least five pounds lighter!

Juice Diets

Many people wanting to lose weight quickly try fasts or juice diets. If you'd like to do this for yourself, it's important to do it right. A juice diet can help your body detox and shed excess weight quickly, but it should not be followed for longer than a few days. Choose juices that don't contain sugar, and that feature a blend of healthy fruits and vegetables. For three days, drink nothing but water and your juices. After three days, introduce light, low-calorie foods in small portions back to your diet.


While you're dieting, it's crucial to jumpstart your metabolism with cardiovascular exercise. Be sure to get at least 30 minutes of cardio at least three times a week. This will ensure that you're burning calories and staying strong.

Tips to Increase Your Weightloss Success

Regardless of what kind of diet you choose, there are some things that can help increase your success. Along with regular exercise, be sure to drink plenty of healthy liquids like water and herbal tea. Try adding lemon to your water for an added Vitamin C boost.

Be sure you stay away from sugar, processed foods, red meat, dairy, and empty carbs like white breads. Your regular diet should consist of primarily vegetables and fruits. For carbs, eat only whole grain, nuts and seeds. If you must eat meat, stick to lowfat choices like fish, chicken, or lean red meat in small doses. Dairy is important for healthy bones, but during your diet you should avoid it. If you must have dairy products, stick to low or no fat.

By finding a diet plan that's right for you and choosing wisely when it comes to food, you can drop five pounds in as little as a week and be ready to fit into that little bikini or gorgeous gown!

So, never give up to get body slim.