Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How To Increase Psychic Ability

Psychic ability is an ability everyone has, but lies dormant in many people. Many people have a natural talent for this ability and it suddenly comes out. This is so because the psychic ability in a person comes from sources of knowledge that are beyond the normal perception of events and time Many times people are trained from a young age to ignore these perceptions and are told by parents and other adults that there abities are fantasy rather than the genuine natural abilty inherent to most humans. What we know as intuition,hunches or gut responses, are forms of a person’s psychic ability, as they seem to defy all reason or logic.

Psychic ability in a person is a talent, and like all talents, there is every possibility of increasing psychic ability through training.

The Basic Technique

The psychic ability of an individual varies in intensity and strength. There is one basic technique by which an individual can go about increasing his psychic ability. This method help him increase his intuitive skills, and hone his focusing skills. Various psychics have various different ways of performing their psychic reading skills. Some are exponents of Tarot cards, or Rune stones. Some show their skills through tealeaf reading or by reading palms. There are others who use crystal balls to show their psychic ability.

It does not matter in what way a psychic shows his psychic talents, but he needs to enter a frame of mind that ‘heightens his intuitive awareness.’ Most psychics use some form of meditation – which is a basic technique - to do so. Focused meditation goes a long way in increasing the psychic ability of a person by enhancing his intuitive focus.

A focused meditation produces a frame of mind that receives intuitive information from the Universal Mind. The process of meditation is one way to filter out the unwanted conscious noise. This filtering enables the subconscious mind to tune in to the heightened state of awareness. This heightened state of awareness is also known as detached awareness, or altered consciousness. The ability to enter into this state of heightened awareness goes a long way in increasing one’s psychic ability.

The technique of meditation focuses on controlled breathing and visualization. Controlled breathing increases the supply of oxygen to the brain. To perform meditation, you will need to find a place that is comfortable. It could be any place, as long as it relaxes you, and is comfortable. Many people find it easy to meditate while sitting. Some do not, as they cannot sit for long in one place. It does not matter. One can easily meditate while walking slowly. It all depends on how you feel comfortable.

Focus on your controlled breathing. Focus your attention on the air as it enters your body. Breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Your breath should be deep and slow.

• Slowly inhale through your nose.
• Hold your breath for nine seconds.
• Slowly exhale through your mouth for nine seconds.
• Do not rush in while inhaling, and do not let the exhaling be sluggish.
• Count out the nine seconds steadily each way.
• Your breathing should be relaxed, and at a comfortable pace.

Repeat the process nine times to enhance your intuitive focus and your psychic ability.