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Can Yoga For Kids Be A Cure For Diseases???

Yoga for kids has been developed to build up stamina in the young children and to give them a better quality of life. However, children cannot do every type of yoga. Since they are growing and so are their muscles and organs, it will not be wise for them to do all the strenuous kinds of poses. It might take a toll on their physical and mental well-being. So specific poses in yoga can be given to the kids for improving their health and also concentration powers. Yoga can be used as a treatment for specific diseases. However, be careful that you don’t make kids with physical deformities do yoga. It will be very difficult for them to practice the various asanas.

How Yoga Benefits Kids

There are many ways in which yoga benefits kids. Besides endowing the children with perfect health, it also acts as a cure for many diseases.
• Overall health – Yoga for kids builds up the overall health. It makes him strong and fighting fit. Children can practice the easy and delicate poses and still get a lot of benefits. It improves the stability and brings about a general balance in him. It straightens the spine and lends good posture to the body. Yoga also strengthens the muscles and aids in digestion. A good workout will cause the perspiration to flow, releasing the toxins and the waste products of the body.
• Down Syndrome – One in every 700 kids has the Down syndrome. Most of the activities that a kid does during its growing stages are delayed or retarded. Learning to walk, motor skills, communicating with others and learning a language are all delayed. The eyes are very obviously defective. Yoga for kids helps children with Down syndrome in a significant manner. It perks up the body muscles and makes all the organs of the body perform their functions normally. It strengthens the body and the endocrine glands are systematized. It prevents the kids from putting on extra weight, which would have been unavoidable if the kids would not have been practicing yoga. The breathing exercises further stimulate the nervous system and improve the mental powers and concentration of the kids.
• Cerebral Palsy – This defect occurs when the motor areas of the brain are damaged thereby affecting the capability to make movements and also the posture of a kid. Some difficult periods during pregnancy or child birth result in this defect. Meningitis or traumatic brain injury can also lead to this dreadful condition. Yoga for kids is very helpful in such cases as it boosts muscle coordination and also the motor skills. It releases the pent-up stress in the muscles and joints. The stretching will lead to realignment of the spine. The child will be able to move his hands and legs in an independent way.

Yoga can be made a pleasure activity for kids. By introducing several interactive methods to interpret the poses, it will add a new dimension for the kids. Children will be delighted to indulge in poses which pique their curiosity. Thus yoga for kids can be made very interesting by an intelligent teacher and the kids will look forward to learning the various poses with pleasure.

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Mark Smith believes that yoga can be made an integral part of life. He believes that yoga should be started at the very beginning in the tender years of the kids. Yoga for kids is the best way to develop the concentration power of kids. Yoga for kids will also keep them healthy, both in body and mind.