Wednesday, July 15, 2009

5 Great Reasons for Drinking Wu Yi Tea

These days, more and more people are hearing about Wu-Yi tea and are making the switch. This particular type of tea, also referred to as oolong tea, is an ancient Chinese secret for losing and maintaining weight. It can be found in the mountainous region of the same name in the country of China. With effectiveness that has lasted for over four hundred years, it would be a wise decision for you to try out the Wu Yi system for yourself - right now, not later. This article provides you with 5 great reasons for drinking WuYi tea.

Reason number one is none other than how easy it is to follow the Wu Yi system. You only need to drink two cups of Wu-Yi tea every day, preferably around thirty to sixty minutes before you take your morning and afternoon meals. Taking it within three hours before you sleep should be avoided. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you consume a minimum of six 8-0z glasses of water every day and regular exercise to achieve weight loss faster. There are no strict schedules to follow, unlike when you opt to take weight loss prescription drugs or pills.

Reason number two is the cheapness of Wu-Yi tea compared to other weight loss methods you can find in the market. It does not cost as much as those expensive weight loss prescription drugs, pills, creams, sauna belts, spa treatments, and cosmetic surgery. You won't have to spend a fortune just to have the body you've always dreamed of. You can look like a slim, slender celebrity without having to burn holes in your pocket like celebrities do.
Reason number three is the safeness of the Wu Yi system. Most, if not all, of the weight loss methods around can give you side effects that may be harmful or dangerous for your body. Depression and mood swings are usual side effects since diet programs typically deprive your body from the sugar it needs. Drinking Wu Yu tea assures you of getting the energy your body require, so you can be free from an emotional down. And since it is tea, Wu Yi won't give you heartburns, headaches or stomachaches because it works to soothe and calm you.

Reason number four is the fact that the Wu Yi system embraces and all-natural secret weapon: the Wu-Yi tea. These days, more and more people are looking for healthier alternatives to losing weight; they have realized the importance of keeping the body pure from harsh ingredients. Wu Yi tea is organic so you won't have to worry about getting harmful chemicals into your body. Once again, Mother Nature proves her powers over manmade products.

And finally, reason number is nothing less than the effectiveness of Wu-Yi tea in helping you lose weight safely in a matter of weeks. Of course, real and lasting weight loss is achieved over time, and with the Wu Yi system, you'll see and feel significant results within four weeks. The first cup will tell you how much your body loves the soothing effect of tea.

So there are your 5 great reasons for drinking Wu-Yi tea. What are you waiting for? Get your pack of Wu Yi tea now.

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